celebrating unions that are greater
than the sum of their parts

INFINITY Cufflinks & Earrings Set

INFINITY Cufflinks & Earrings Set

INFINITY line unites two forms cast out of white and yellow gold with a diamond each. Together they create a shape of an infinity sign and a story.

They symbolize the realm of possibility created by a union that didn't exist for each part by itself - a representation of a committed relationship. Weaved into the design are Ying and Yang symbolism of the two parts, a balance of which is a source of harmony of any relationship.

INFINITY Cufflinks and Earrings are "carved" out of INFINITY Ring carrying its shape and design principles.

This is your perfect wedding or anniversary gift - memorable, lasting, useful!
Product details
Materials: 18K yellow and white gold, 4 diamonds
Hand-assembled; might have small imperfections
Made in USA